This letter is to support the application of Rod Kelly as a teacher, educator, and group facilitator. I believe he would make a very valuable contribution to the students and faculty at The Graduate Institute.

I have know Rod for several years through the connection of the Lotus Network of complimentary health practices. He is a skillful and compassionate human who is sensitive to the needs of his clients. I have personally witnessed his work in hypnosis and its direct effect on anxiety.

Rod and I have partnered in the development of an audio CD called,”Hypnosis for Dental Anxiety”. I have been using this program in my private dental office for the past two years with great success. Many clients are searching for a long lasting solution to their fears about the dentist.

I find that Rod is a pool of personal knowledge and has the willingness to share his life’s story. He is a responsible business person. I find that Rod will always keep his word and lives his life with integrity.

I offer this recommendation without hesitation. He will be a valuable contribution to your teaching institute.

Jack M. Levine DDS

“Rod I have to thank you again. Every night I do my homework and every day I wake up i find myself taking on challenges that would have normally stressed me out I’m content, relaxed, happy! I never thought this could be the result of such exercises. It’s truly is an experienced I’m grateful to have had. Thank you again!”


Rod Kelly taught me a few basic meditation and stress management techniques that have totally changed my approach to work and life in general. After thirty years spent merely enduring a high-stress occupation, I now utilize on a daily basis the training he gave me to actually enjoy and surmount the challenges I face, and am finding both increasing success in my professional endeavors and a deep spiritual satisfaction in my personal relationships as a direct result of the help Rod gave me. Thank you, Rod!…

Pat Z

Just to touch base with you and let you know that since attending your seminar on Stress Management at the gym I have followed your advice each week and feel good! Your advice helped me let go of things I cannot control. The meditation/self hypnosis has helped me relax each evening and I fall asleep much more quickly. AND an added bonus is that my blood pressure has been lower for the last 4 weeks.

Colleen Bell

I attended one of Rod’s workshops on healing… I’ve had a 40 year history of a SMALL but irritating pain…. I honestly was skeptical that Rod would make a difference….. But he has… One session… no pain! This is worth checking out….

Dan LaRosa

I highly regard Rod Kelly for the empowerment he has given me in my present life’s journey of living at peace within myself and to enhance other around me. May God keep reminding me that people who are in my presence are gifts that I can experience and even other can also.

Pat Gooderham

Mr. Kelly put on an excellent seminar that was well attended. He presented the information in a professional manner that was easy to understand. Mr. Kelly taught the group several techniques to relieve stress and everyone left feeling calm and relaxed. Everyone who attended thoroughly enjoyed the seminar and look forward to attending another.

Janice white – Manager Curves – Parry Sound

Hello Rod A note to let you know that in the last six weeks since I met you and started the routine of “Every day in every way” that I feel so much calmer and more optimistic about my life that I am surprised everyone is not on to this yet. I have set aside a time for my routine that is for me only, and it revitalizes me more than I can say. I fall asleep quickly and effortlessly, and I wake up very refreshed. So thank you for exposing me to such an easy way to improve my life. Again, thank you.

Roxanne Armstrong

We learned a healing technique that I have been using twice a day since the workshop. As an energy healer myself I find that the technique raises and balances energy levels just as promised (“guaranteed” by Rod).

I would recommend this workshop to anybody interested in feeling healthy and energetic.

Tannia Hotchkiss


Rod I have great news that I want to share with you. In the past, I have been completely unnerved when addressing a large group of people. Last year, for example at an awards assembly at school, I was noticeably shaking when speaking in front of the student body. It was uncontrollable and worsening as each minute passed while on stage. This has always been my reaction no matter what I told myself. That is until today. It was necessary for me to introduce a performer, again in front of the entire student body (close to 500 people). Not an issue at all! It was weird. I was in total control and even felt extremely comfortable. After the I was eager to stand up and address the audience in order to close the program. It is such a wonderful feeling to have this new-found confidence. Thank you again for your help.

Marge Becker

I was worried about having a molar extracted. I learned the mantra ‘whenever I go to the…” I literally felt no anxiety at all going to the appointment. It was a peaceful, lovely experience and I even healed much faster than the norm. I am a psychotherapist and can see the use of this technique for anyone experiencing anxiety in general.”

Doran Ward MAAT, LPC, Fellowship Place

“I am so grateful that I decided to your hypnotherapy sessions. I can honestly say without a doubt that I have made huge changes in my life because of my sessions with you. I am confident enough to say what I need without worrying about the outcome. You taught me to meditate every morning and every evening before I head off to bed and I know that its is making a positive difference in my life. My bad days don’t last as long and I don’t have as many of them. Yesterday seemed like I might not survive today, but in fact after talking to you and applying what you said, today was fantastic.All is well in my world. When I felt overwhelmed …I calmed myself by breathing and repeating quietly… “Every time I see the color yellow it reminds me that I am strong and confident and in control.”. Before I knew it … I felt better… I actually felt stronger and confident and in control. Many, many thanks for all your wisdom. I look forward to learning more about me with your direction. ”

Heather M.


“I have known Rod Kelly for over 10 years. As an individual, skilled in hypnotherapy,he has had considerable success in helping patients cope with pain, improve their mind-body image, and increase their wellness. Together we have worked out a plan whereby Mr. Kelly will consult on our patients undergoing open heart surgery.

Having known Rod previously I can vouch for his honesty, character, and compassion. I am fortunate to have him as my friend and glad he offered to hep us with our patients.”

Dr. David J. Underhill
Connecticut Cardiothoracic Surgical Association

“There is absolutely no doubt, in my mind, that Rod Kelly’s healing methods work and should be used in conjunction with doctors to give people the maximum benefit of health and well-being.”

Mrs. S. K.

“I feel compelled to express my sincerest gratitude for the help that you’ve provided me with your wonderful combination of hypnosis and energy work. As you know I’ve struggled with heart palpitations everyday, all day for well over a year now, and thanks to you they’re GONE. I honestly can’t believe it. I kept waiting for them to come back because nothing else has worked, but they’re still gone. Its been a month now and they still haven’t returned. Prior to working with you I had not been free of them for more than a couple of hours at a time. I can’t tell you how much better I feel. I have been searching for years( as I had the on and off for almost 30 years) for something to help with them. I’ve gone the traditional route working with a cardiologist and using heart meds. I’ve tried Reiki and acupuncture. I’ve tried a medley of different supplements and nothing has worked until I worked with you. I am still amazed that in one session you’ve been able to accomplish what many other have not. I feel physically so much stronger and I’m now much less anxious because I don’t feel my heart struggling anymore. What a weight you’ve lifted. I truly can’t thank you enough. Keep up the good work. You are heaven sent. ”

Mrs. C.

“You showed me how to maintain a positive attitude about healing myself. Rod, you convinced me that I can cure my cancer and become healthy again. I am a firm believer in the healing powers of Rod Kelly. My cancer is disappearing and I am becoming healthy again.”

Albert B.

“Rod was very personable and spoke clearly and without notes for two hours. Personal anecdotes and stories from his practice kept the pace lively and interesting.”

I am currently going through radiation for cancer in my lymph glands in my mouth. Rod taught me meditation and exercise and to think positively this has helped me sail through my treatment. My last session was today.Thank you .

Emily Mulgrew

Rod, I cannot thank you enough. For days I have been feeling beyond sick (undergoing chemo treatments), complete lack of any energy, short of breath at times like I was just hanging on, limp and pretty lifeless except for lots of GI upset.

This afternoon I walked into the TV room and suddenly realized I felt well???,I suddenly had energy!!! And the GI upset was gone!!! I didn’t know what was going on. I just didn’t understand and then I got your text and you told me what you had just done for me!!!

I am so amazed and grateful for your ability to send that wonderful healing energy across the miles. I cannot thank you enough! Amazing! This morning I am feeling well too. Thank You.

Debbie- Philadelphia

Hi Rod,

I wanted to let you know that I am doing better. My back is a lot better. My right hip is a little better. I would say they‘re down to a 2 or 3 on the pain scale.

Thanks Rod.

Jacky B.

Mark L.

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