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Hypnotist Rod Kelly


Introduction: Brief- – – Board Certified Consulting Hypnotist/ Minister of Universal Spirituality.

The majority of the understandings and approaches to issue resolution and self-empowered wellness were the direct result of Rev. Kelly’s 7 year battle for survival. In a major chapter of that journey he underwent an out of body experience that lasted 27 minutes.

The two greatest lessons from that were:

1. He was not even close to being the person that he always believed he was. His view of himself were based entirely upon the perceptions of others, who had their own issues.

2. His perceptions evolved tremendously. He was granted the gift of discovering the simplicity of life and all that it entails.

This became the foundation of his insights, and understandings for issue resolution, be it habitual or medical.

People call me because they have an issue and are searching for a resolution.

Sometimes it’s a habit that they aren’t happy with. Yet other times is because they have a medical concern.

The reason why I can work with each of these, achieving similar positive results, is because I really focus on the absolute energy of the condition. I LOOK FOR ITS SIMPLICITY

1. If it’s an unwanted habit or belief, what is the emotion that it triggers? Is it positive or negative?
2. Look for the polar opposite, and accept that as the new reality..

What Ever the Mind Conceives & Believes Tend to Become Manifested BECAUSE IN THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND, TIME SIMPLY DOESN’T EXIST. And with medical concerns, what the subconscious mind accepts as truth, the auto-immune system of the body tends to kick into a higher level. It’s paving the path to manifestation.

Now I will ask you some questions.
a. Does this sound logical? Does it make sense?
b. Does it sound simple? It is simple, because it is based entirely on the physics of the issue. Is the emotion or condition negative or positive?

My approaches begin by assisting clients manifest the precise outcome they envisions.
And the Best part is to do it in the most simplistic ways.

All additional approaches and techniques are congruent to this.

To see what others have to say about Rev. Kelly rodkelly.net/testimonials

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Albert Einstein.

Lets discover the benefit of viewing things through a more positive & logical perspective together. I believe you will be impressed.

Outcomes are neither suggested nor implied. The responses to this method will vary from individual to individual.

Heal the Aura, Heal the Body

Heal the Aura, Heal the Body.
By Rev. Rod Kelly, BCH

In 1970 a prominent member of The Rosicrucian was a guest on the Tomorrow Show, with Tom Snyder. During the interview he made a statement, “Humanity will never be able to heal the body until it learns how to heal the aura.”

Researchers from around the globe have proven that medical conditions of all sorts have a negative effect on the human aura.

A quote from The Russian Journal of Scientific and Applied Photography, “The aura of a person has been found to be directly connected to their levels of health.” (Richardson, 2014)
Biofield Global Research concurred. In a direct quote they stated “The aura of a person is directly connected to their health.” (Sharma, ?)

According to The Metaphysical Institute, “Diseases, illnesses, injuries, mental and physical problems are all caused in part by disturbances in energy fields.” (Sahoo, 2013) They continued, “In Fact Research has Found That Problems or Disturbances, Show up in the Fields Before any Disease or Other Problem Appears”

Healing the aura is an essential element to healing the body. When the aura is at its optimum state, all of the energies surrounding the body are at a perfect level of balance and the natural flow of energy is reestablished.
Once the energies of the aura are harmonized, it directly impacts the Chakras by a synchronistic balancing of the entire Chakra systems. When this occurs all of the energy systems within the body flow naturally, which promote an increased level of wellness.

There is a wide range of techniques that attempt to address issues with the aura, and Chakra Systems. (Wells, 2005) The complexities of the techniques vary considerably. Most require extensive training, and require continual maintenance.

However without uncovering the purpose of medical issues, healing is often a temporary fix.


There is a direct correlation between the levels of health within the aura, and health of the body. When there is a disruption of this energy field all of the energy systems within the body become adversely affected. The Chakra systems become instable and unbalanced. This not only affects the physical body, but the total per sauna of a person becomes negatively impacted.

When the aura achieves a point of wellness all the energy systems within the body become harmonized and a state of complete wellness can be achieved naturally.

According to Aristotle, the Universe has purpose (Britannica). If everything in the Universe has purpose it is easily concluded that disease & illness would be no exceptions. Through the use of hypnosis uncovering the true purpose of a condition and resolving the underlying issue may provide the answers to future health and well-being.


The aura is the body’s natural defense system against disease and illness. According to sources from around the globe disease and illness deplete the aura’s intensity which allows the negativity of the condition to intensify. When the aura becomes weakened the Chakra systems experience disharmony which weakens the entire body even further.

Dr. Albert Abrams (1863-1924) was the founder of vibrational healing and discovered that diseased cells possess a lower vibrational rate, then a healthy cell. He also discovered that different colored lights have distinct healing properties. (Carroll, 1994)
Through this understanding the lower vibrational rate would create a negative polarity or negative energy.

Because of this, they have specific characteristics and propensities. But they also have one- single vulnerability, which is positive energy/ light.

There is a law in physics which states, “Positive energy consumes negative energies.” (McCuen, 1996) This transpires because positive energy is also light, and light is the most powerful force in nature. A star may exist a hundred light years away from us, and the light from that star pierces 100 light years of absolute darkness and we see its luminous glow clearly. Light is also information. It is knowledge and once knowledge is obtained, it cannot be taken away. To become enlightened is to become informed.

Through the infusion of light, the negativity of disease is diminished, which precipitates the transformation to wellness.

Another law in physics states, “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only be transmuted into a different form.”

In today’s medical practice chemo and radiation treatments are recognized as the primary approach to combatting cancer. In effect, what they are focusing on is reducing the mass by destroying the cancerous cells. However what is often accomplished is simply the breaking up the mass and broadcasting the cancer throughout the entire body. Often, within a short period of time, the cancer reappears in a totally different part of the body.
To complete the healing process it is necessary to resolve the source of the condition.

Diseases are often the manifestation and coagulation of negative thoughts and energies. (Macrae, 2009)
Heal the Aura in 3 Minutes

Through the use of Kirlian photography, there is scientific validation of the impact of a simple, three minute technique that heals both the aura and consequently the entire Chakra systems. This intensifies one’s own healing powers considerably.

Nicola Tesla first discovered aura photography in the 1880’s, but it wasn’t until 1939 that Russian scientist, Seymon Kirlian developed a photographic system to capture the aura on film. (Russel, Unknown).
Diagram A

In the photograph above the image on the left indicates the Chakra systems and registers their levels of openness. The colors correspond to the specific chakra. The lime green column represents the ideal rate of openness. The target represents the size of the aura.

The photograph on the right is a Kirlian photograph of the aura itself. Note the irregularities in shape and intensity.

Throughout history a plethora of techniques have been developed and practiced that address specific individual chakras to bring them into balance. Typically only through years of extensive training to achieve mastery can one hope to develop harmonic balance of the Chakra system. Only through harmonic balance can the aura reach its highest potential. Once achieved, it is often only short lived, and the battle begins all over again.

The issue with this is that they are treating the symptom rather than treating the root cause of the medical issue. The issue is not the individual Chakras. The true issue is the aura itself.

Diagram B

The above photograph was taken after a three minute technique that Rev. Rod Kelly developed that focused on the aura itself. Note the perfect symmetry and intensity of the aura. Note the difference in the size comparison of the auras. The aura became expanded seven times its previous size. Simultaneously the Chakras achieved not only harmonic balance, but have increased considerably beyond the standard norms.

Once this state of balance and symmetry is achieved the entire body becomes harmonically balanced, and the negativity of disease and illness becomes open to transformation.

Albert Einstein was once quoted as saying, “If you can’t explain the solution simply, you just don’t know the issue well enough.”

If the techniques for this transformation were complicated to learn, let alone practice, it would quickly be dismissed by the masses. Perhaps only the Yogis would embrace it.

A major key to this technique resides in its simplicity. The techniques that are employed are both simple to learn and even easier to practice.

Rev. Rod Kelly, BCH

The Creation of Disease & Illness

The Creation of Disease & Illness
Rev. Rod Kelly, BCH

Educating people on a system of how to transmute the negative energies of their disease or illness into a state of neutrality is how the natural healing begins

It’s all about re-establishing balance within the body.

All medical, and most emotional issues began with a single negative emotion, and that single emotion becomes locked into a single cell. That one individual cell begins to disrupt the continuity of the entire body’s energy systems.

Negative cells have a slower molecular spin, and through osmosis, this begins influencing the surrounding cells by diminishing their spin rate. This opens the doors to a vast numbers of surrounding cell to be literally contaminated. Eventually the negative cells form a community. The greater the collection of negative cells the greater the draw for additional negative cells.

Physics states, “Like energies attract like energies”. So the disease literally begins to attract additional negative energies from throughout the body. This could easily explain how the contributing factors come into play. The greater the levels of negative factors the more encouraged the growth of the mass of negative energies become.

Learning how to look at disease & Illness through a physics perspective changes the game.

You see, what is different about this is that everyone looks at the chemistry of the condition. I would take a wild guess and say that is largely due to the impacts and impressions created by Giant Pharma when they, established its place as the absolute authority on the treatment of the body, or mind.

Couple this with the understanding that the scientific communities rarely if ever communicate with each other. Each segment truly believes that theirs is the only real authority of science. The others’ opinions just aren’t as as valid, from their perspectives.

Have you ever heard of Giant Pharma hiring a physicist to answer the question of why??? Highly doubtful that it would happen.

When you look at the physics of the body, you begin to open the door for a new level of understanding about disease and illness, and how to resolve it.

Physics never called it rules suggestions. They established the Laws of Physics, which cannot be broken by ordinary means.

With focusing on the chemistry of the body and disease and illness, there are infinite variables that affect impacts. With physics is all straight to the point. The variables only exist in the quantities that are involved.

Let’s look at some of the laws that impact the disease and illnesses of the body:

1. Like energies attract, whereas unlike energies repel.
While the draw of the negative energy at the source of the condition begins to draw other negative energies from within the body, the positive energy, or healthy cells repel the negative cells. In a sense, they actually corral the negative cells to get them away .

2. “Positive Energy Consumes Negative Energy”.
This is perhaps the greatest weapon against disease and illness that the pharmaceutical industry could ever produce. Increase the levels of positive energy and diminish the inward flow of negative energy and the growth of the negative mass diminishes.

Thoughts play a huge role in the growth or demise of the medical issues. When you gain a significant understanding of the physics behind the issue, its easy to loose the fears and negativity, which opens the doors for additional knowledge. The greater the level of knowledge, the more light you shed on the issue, the greater the levels of healing .

Through a deep understanding of these laws, their origin and source of their power, a totally new and exciting light is cast upon the potential of the eradication of disease and illness.

However when you combining physics with chemistry the impacts on the entire field of modern medicine takes a giant leap forward and opens a whole new world of treatments.

For additional information on this topic read the posts under: www.eyeoftheeagle.org/purpose

Understanding Purpose – Part 2

Purpose- Part II

In the previous video, I discussed the topic of the purpose behind the debilitating issues that you are faced with.
What happens when you can’t grasp the purpose behind your issues, or events that creates so much havoc in your life?

Where do you go for assistance? Who can help you unravel this deep mystery?

My name is Rev. Rod Kelly and I am the founder of Eye of the Eagle Integrative Wellness, and have my office at The Bridge Healing Arts Center, in Farmington, CT.

A major segment of my business evolves in precisely that, Helping you discover the reason behind the troubling issue that you just can’t seem to resolve, no matter what specialist you are referred to.
What kinds of issues can this help with?

What happens when you aren’t able to come up with the appropriate answers?

Perhaps this is most predominant when my clients are dealing with severe medical issues, like Parkinson’s Disease, M.S. Fibromyalgia or even cancer.

Just like every other issue, when the solution isn’t reached, the negative impacts keep compounding. This is evident, particularly in cancer patients, when the cancer resurface in new area, over and over again. When the purpose of the cancer isn’t resolved, it often comes back with a vengeance, in new and more threatening areas of the body.

Remember, Everything that exists in our universe has a purpose for existing, or it simply doesn’t exist.

My practice focuses on complete integrative wellness , where I teach you how to tap into Your Own Spirit… We allow you to open communications with your own Higher-Self.

This is the part of you that knows precisely what the true cause of your issue is, and through this profound knowledge lies the solution to your issues.

Once again, the only person in the world that has the right or ability to heal you, is YOU.

The issue that you are currently faced with is perhaps a key segment of your life’s journey that has manifested itself to allow you to discover a more enriching and rewarding future.

For more information go to my website: www.EyeoftheEagle.org or e-mail me at rod@EyeoftheEagle.org or perhaps call me at 860-216-8671

Opening communications with your Higher-Self provides a pathway to unlimited wisdoms and understandings.

I offer personal consultations at my office at:
The Bridge Healing Arts Center
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Increased Focus for Better Grades

What Separates students who do well from ones that struggle? Is it intelligence levels or is it something else?

Increasing Focus for Study Skills

A great deal of how well a student does in school lies in their study skills rather than their intelligence. Countless sums of money are poured into proving our educational systems. New schools are continually being built and equipped with the most modern technological and electronic equipment.
Yet a major cause of poor scholastic performance goes unaddressed. For the most part is it assumed that students know instinctively how to study. A major deterrent to effective study habits is that our students are never taught how to focus their thoughts when they sit down to study. Often students believe that they can study better when they have music playing, or the TV playing in the background.

In truth, our minds are only capable of focusing on one thing at a time. It cannot splits its attention simultaneously. Our subconscious mind is also rather lazy, and tends to follow patterns that have been previously established. Studying is hard work and requires focus attention, where listening to music is enjoyable and requires no effort at all. Consequently, the mind flip flops between work and play. Typically the ratio can easily border on about an 80/20 split. Eighty percent of their subconscious minds focus is on the entertainment and only twenty percent being directed to the actual work of studying.

Through a technique of hypnosis and guided imagery the subconscious mind can be trained to not only block out the external chatter, but also the internal chatter as well. This technique the focus level increase dramatically. The subconscious mind can then be trained to pick out key words and phrases, allowing the information to be absorbed and internalized much more readily.

Often the students grades improve significantly, and consequently their levels of self-esteem increases and their overall persona can show dramatic improvements.

Once their higher levels of focus is achieved it simply becomes part of them and they can often become highly focus individuals permanently, and this can be applied to any aspect of their lives.

This transformational process can be mastered in as little as two sessions.

Rev, Kelly is available for private consultations at:
The Bridge Healing Arts Center
304 Main Street
Farmington, Connecticut 06034

Rev. Kelly is also available for speaking engagements throughout the New England areas.

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Stress & Disease


For nearly 20 years I have been assisting client on their personal battles with disease and illness, and one single factor surfaces routinely. When clients are going through extremely stressful situations in their personal lives, the liklihood of either a disease or illness manifesting escalates dramatically. Adding to this, the medical profession is mandated that they must explain to the patient all of the possible dangers that can occurr prior to any medical procedure. Obviously this dramatically escalates the stress levels, which feeds additional fear into the conditions.

Stress is commonly referred to as the “silent killer’.Learning how to manage it is as difficult as trying to save the Titanic with a bucket. Stress has so many faces, and comes from so many different directions it is nearly impossible to learn how to manage it successfully,

The simple fact is, stress itself is not the problem, but rather the way you process it is truly the issue.
There are people that thrive on stress, deadlines and catastrophe. Yet for the majority of us stress can easily become a life threatening emotion.

Over the years, I have worked with clients that were faced with a wide range of diseases & illnesses. My methodology of dealing with these issues is based on the understanding that disease and illness is the manifestation of negative energy. It is the one commonality that all medical conditions share. They all possess a high level of negative energy.

A persons thoughts and thought processes have the propensity to either feed or starve the condition. Stress, being a negative emotion, dramatically escalates the severity of the issue.

By looking deeply into the physics of medical issues an effective approach to discovering the resolution becomes evident.

An important law in physics states, “Positive energy consumes negative energy”. Once this law is clearly understood, and its implications are clearly defined, healing becomes a natural course of events.

Beginning August 23rd, I will be hosting workshops monthly in a technique that have been proven time and time again to totally change one’s reactions to stress from a negative one to a totally positive one.
Stress can actually become positive influence on not only their lives, but their medical conditions as well.

My monthly Restructuring Stress workshop will be held at the Bridge Healing Arts Center, located at 304 Main Street , Farmington, CT.

For more information about the Bridge Healing Arts Center go to: www.BridgeHAC.com

I am also available to conduct workshops at your location, throughout the New England areas.
Remember, its not the presence of stress that causes the problems, but rather your reactions to it.
Call today and discuss the simplicity of looking forward to stress.

Rev. Rod Kelly, BCH

Rev. Kelly is available for speaking engagements on this, or any other topic that appears on his blog page.

Understanding Purpose

Galileo made the bold statement in the 17th century , “Everything that exists in our Universe or ever had existed, had a purpose for its existence.”

The grandfather of astronomy has been renowned as one of the greatest mind of our world.
What did he mean by that statement. What were and are the implications? Is it still relevant today?
If so, how does it impact our world, and more importantly, our personal lives?

I am not going to get into the impact on the world, but I am going to open a train of thought that does impact our live in a very meaningful way.

How many of you are dealing with a never ending stream of seemingly negative events? How many of those events seem to cascade together? Why are they happening to you? Why don’t they ever seem to end?

According to Galileo, if everything that exists or ever had existed had a purpose, what is the actually a purpose for these baffling experiences?
What cold it be, and why YOU?

I want you to think about this for a moment or two.

Why are these seemingly negative events constantly bombarding you, and creating problems in your life?

My name is Rev. Rod Kelly, and I am a Celtic Spiritual Elder, and board certified consulting hypnotist.
For the past two decades I have been helping clients and friends unravel the mysteries behind this statement.
My insights on this matter stem from the teachings and understanding of my ancestral heritage. I am Celtic, and it is believed that my ancestors dates back to the Druids, and their mystical, and sometime magical practices and understandings.

It is an ancient understanding that all seemingly negative events that come into our lives have only two possible purposes.

The first; They are the direct result of either our actions or lack of actions. It’s often called karma. They are the resulting events of something you did, or didn’t do.
You don’t make a payment on your car or home, and the creditor takes it back.
You broke the law and you go to jail. Makes sense?
What could possibly be the second reason? What do you think it would be?

The second; All events that aren’t self-created have only one reason for existing. That, very bluntly, is that they come to us as lessons that need to be learned from.

Am I saying that all of the garbage that has come into your life was just trying to teach you something?
You see, life is school that never closes. It a series of classes that just never end.
Are your impressions of the situations based on the reality of them or just your perspective of them?

Is there a pattern that the events are falling into? When the lessons of challenges aren’t realized… the severity of the issues intensify.

Isn’t it true, that since your current issue first began it has gotten much more severe?
How do you begin unraveling this mystery?

One of the methods that has worked really well for many is the following:
If the best friend you have ever had in your entire lifetime was faced with the identical situation, what advice would you give them?

Let me repeat this. What would be different in their situation and yours? Could it be that you would have a different perspective? Perhaps one that wasn’t embroiled in all of the emotional connection to complicate the issue?

What knowledge could you gain from the situation?

What would the lessons have been?

There is a Universal Law that states “Once the lesson of the situation is clearly understood and internalized, it can never be repeated.”

Life is a school that never closes, a series of classes that never end.

Rev. Rod Kelly from Eye of the Eagle, Providing workshops & speaking engagements at the Bridge Healing Arts Center, located at 304 Main Street, Farmington, Connecticut.
To learn more about me and my approaches to issue resolution go to my website: www.EyeoftheEagle.org or e-mail me at rod@EyeoftheEagle.org or perhaps call me directly at 860-216-8671.

Rev. Kelly is available for speaking engagements on this, or any other topic that appears on his blog page throughout the New England areas.

Case Study – Effects of Resolving The Purpose of Cancer in a Client.

Connecting the earth Rod Kelly bookCase Study B

60 year old, Caucasian Male
Former heavy smoker . Quit 5 years previous
4/29: diagnosed with lung cancer
5/1: Began working with client; Taught “3 Minute to Wellness” technique of intensifying his aura. Instructed him to practice the exercise prior to each chemo or radiation treatment.
5/2: Cancerous mass in the right upper lobe measuring 2.7 x 1.5 x 2.4 cm.(pag 9 of medical report) Additional mass measuring 3 x 1.9 cm. located in the right anterior mediastinal and SUV max of 9n on axial image 47/205.

Began regimen of chemo and radiation treatments which encompassed 28 radiation treatments and 5 chemo treatments. Completed 7/2: Mass reduced in size to: 1.9 x 1.6 (approx.20% reduction)
Client reported feeling no discomfort throughout the treatments and continually feeling healthy; strong and happy.
Continued seeing the client on a weekly basis, counseling on spiritual matters

8/13: Brain cancer ruled out

8/18: Presence of cancer still noted.

8/26: Conducted a hypnosis session with client to establish communications with the spirit of the cancer.
Communications were established where in the cancer was acknowledged and its purpose of existence in the client was discussed. It was further discussed that its purpose was accepted and resolved. The essence of the disease was then opened to be released to the light, and the results were as follows.

8/28: All lymph nodes reported negative (Excerpts from pathology report)
Lung and upper lobe; lobectomy; extensive scarring with fibrosis involving large peripheral nerve bundles and blood vessels, infiltrating adherent fibro fatty connective tissue with NO RESIDUAL TUMOR IDENTIFIED (COMPLETE PATHOLOGIC RESPONSE) Lung parenchyma with multiple foci of atypical adenomatous hyperplasia; respiratory bronchiolitis, emphysematous changes subpleural blebs and bullae; two intraparenchymal lymph nodes (S 14R) negative for metastatic carcinoma (02)
Lymph nodes, subcarnial station 7 excision: two lymph nodes negative for carcinoma (02)
Lymph nodes, R12; Excision: Three lymph nodes ,