No one has a more vested interest in your health than you. Learn how to become your own greatest healer.

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Reverend Rod Kelly is a board certified consulting hypnotist; author of four books, and founder of Eye of the Eagle Wellness Center.

For over two decades has been working with clients to resolve their personal issue, quickly, easily and permanently.

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He has also been providing an education to many in an ancient technique allowing clients to dramatically escalate their own self-healing abilities.

Self-healing is a natural phenomenon that relies on one’s abilities to utilize the forces of nature & the Universal Laws that were the basis of physics; then enhancing the mind’s ability to provide the positive energy to speed up the healing process.

In his last book, “Connecting The Earth, Sky & You, Self-Healing With Confidence”, Rev. Rod Kelly provides a system of practices and understandings that unlock a treasure chest of knowledge to provide the reader with a pathway to escalate their self-healing abilities.

In order to become proficient in becoming your own greatest healer, it all begins with looking at disease and illness through an energetic perspective. All diseases and illnesses have one single commonality. They all possess a high level of negative energy.

Through a technique that Rev. Kelly developed, he is able to provide system to enhance the positive energy of and around the body to counteract the negativity of the condition. This involves a technique to expand and intensify the aura, which permits all of the body’s energy systems to flow freely. Once accomplished, the healing process escalates.

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